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(Puccinia magnusiana/Uromyces dactylidis) (buttercup rusts)

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BioInfo BioInfo ( has 43 feeding and other relationships of (Puccinia magnusiana/Uromyces dactylidis) (buttercup rusts)

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Notes (MWS) The closely similar aecial stages of these two rusts are both very common on Creeping Buttercup (*Ranunulus repens*) and Bulbous Buttercup (*Ranunculus bulbosus*). The later stages are found on different hosts: Common Reed (*Phragmites australe*) for the Puccinia, while the Uromyces grows on a variety of other grasses: Cocksfoot (*Dactylis glomerata*), Fescues (*Festuca*) and Meadow Grasses (*Poa*).

The aecial stages can only be distinguished by the thickness of the outer cell walls of the peridial cells (the inner walls have the "crushed ice" ornament):
Species Outer walls Inner walls
P. magnusiana: 7-8µm
U. dactylidis: 8-14µm 3-5µm
Termorshuizen, A.J. & Swertz, C.A., 2011


Termorshuizen, A.J. & Swertz, C.A., 2011 Roesten van Nederland (Dutch Rust Fungi)
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