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Puccinia distincta McAlpine (a rust fungus)

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Weber, R.W.S., Webster, J., Wakley, G.E. & Al-Gharabally, D.H., 1998 Puccinia distincta, cause of a Devastating Rust Disease of Daisies

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Fungi s.l.

BioInfo BioInfo ( has 9 feeding and other relationships of Puccinia distincta (a rust fungus)

Further Information

Notes (MWS) Originally from Australia and New Zealand, this rust is a recent colonist in the British Isles. The spores bodies of the rust forms concentric rings on the leaves of *Bellis perennis* - the aecia appearing as orange cluster cups and the telia as black raised blisters. It can be recognised at a distance as the infected leaves are paler, slightly distorted and held more erect. This rust attacks both the wild and cultivated forms of the plant. It was first recorded about 1996. By 1998 it was ubiquitous and abundant throughout Britain wherever the host plant is found.
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