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POLYCHAETA Grube, 1850 (polychaete worms and ragworms)

Subtaxa (ie subgroups of this Class)

ACICULATA (an order of annelids) Order   1 ident refs
AMPHINOMIDA (an order of polychaetes) Order   1 ident refs
CAPITELLIDA (lugworms, bamboo worms and relatives)
ARENICOLIDAE (lugworms), eg: Arenicola marina (Blow Lug-worm) - Everted pharynx - close-up CAPITELLIDAE (a family of polychaetes), eg: Unidentified Capitella (Unidentified Capitella Polychaetes) - Head end - retracted - dorsal view MALDANIDAE (bamboo worms), eg: Unidentified Maldanidae (Unidentified Bamboo Worms) - Head - dorsal view
Order 5 subtaxa 3 ident refs
EUNICIDA (an order of polychaetes)
Order 1 subtaxon 2 ident refs
OPHELIDA (sand and maggot worms) Order 2 subtaxa  
OPHELIIDAE Malmgren, 1867 (sandworms) Family   1 ident refs
SCALIBREGMIDAE (maggot worms) Family   1 ident refs
PHYLLODOCIDA Dales, 1962 (paddle worms, ragworms and sea mice)
APHRODITIDAE (sea mice), eg: Aphrodita aculeata (Sea Mouse) - Dead worm - dorsal view NEREIDIDAE (ragworms), eg: Perinereis cultrifera (Ragworm) - Head and mouthparts - dorsal view PHYLLODOCIDAE (paddleworms), eg: Eulalia clavigera (a greenleaf worm) - Mid- and hind-parts - dorsal view POLYNOIDAE (a family of annelids), eg: Malmgreniella lunulata (an annelid) - Dorsal view
Order 13 subtaxa 11 ident refs
SABELLIDA (an order of polychaetes)
SABELLIDAE (a family of polychaetes), eg: Branchiomma bombyx (a sabellid polychaete) - Tube with worm protruding - out of water SERPULIDAE (serpulid polychaetes), eg: Spirobranchus lamarcki (Keelworm) - Expanded animal - dorsal view SPIRORBIDAE (spirorbid polychaetes), eg: Unidentified Spirorbidae (Unidentified Spirorbid Polychaetes) - Close-up
Order 8 subtaxa 2 ident refs
SPINTHERIDA (an order of polychaetes) Order   1 ident refs
SPIONIDA sensu Rouse & Fauchald, 1997 (an order of polychaetes) Order 1 subtaxon  
SPIONIDAE Grube, 1850 (a family of polychaetes) Family 1 subtaxon  
Malacoceros fuliginosus (Claparède, 1870) (a spionid polychaete)
TEREBELLIDA sensu Rouse & Fauchald, 1997 (an order of polychaetes)
CIRRATULIDAE (a family of polychaetes), eg: Cirratulus cirratus (a polychaete) - In situ - close-up PECTINARIIDAE (trumpet worms), eg: Unidentified Pectinaria (Unidentified Trumpet Worms) - Tube outer surface TEREBELLIDAE (terebellid bristleworms), eg: Nicolea venustula (a terebellid bristleworm) - Gills and tentacles
Order 7 subtaxa 1 ident refs
Unidentified Polychaeta (Unidentified Polychaete Worms and Ragworms)
Worm - lateral view

Suggested Literature

Identification Works

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Planktonic stages

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