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PAPILIONOIDEA (butterflies)


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Family LYCAENIDAE (blues, coppers and hairstreaks) 17 106     25
Family NEMEOBIIDAE (Duke of Burgundy butterflies) 1        
Species Hamearis lucina L., 1758 (Duke Of Burgundy, Duke Of Burgundy Fritillary)         3
Family NYMPHALIDAE (fritillary and vanessid butterflies) 18        
Species Aglais urticae Linnaeus (Small Tortoiseshell) 1 37     5
Species Apatura iris L., 1758 (Purple Emperor)   10      
Genus Argynnis (a genus of fritllary butterflies) 3 51     3
Species Boloria euphrosyne L., 1758 (Pearl Bordered Fritillary)         3
Species Boloria selene Denis & Schiffermuller (Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary)   5      
Species Euphydryas aurinia (Rottemburg, 1775) (Marsh Fritillary)   11     6
Species Inachis io Linnaeus (Peacock Butterfly)   45      
Species Limenitis camilla (White Admiral)   10     1
Species Melitaea cinxia L., 1758 (Glanville Fritillary)         2
Species Mellicta athalia Rottemburg, 1775 (Heath Fritillary)   6     3
Species Nymphalis antiopa L. (Camberwell Beauty)         1
Species Nymphalis polychloros L., 1758 (Large Tortoiseshell)         1
Species Polygonia c-album Linnaeus (Comma) 1 18     1
Genus Vanessa (painted ladies) 2 78 6   3
Informal (Boloria selene/euphrosyne) (Small Pearl-bordered or Pearl-bordered Fritillary) 2 7     3
Informal (Nymphalidae (indet. Fritillary)) (Unidentified Fritillary Butterfly) 10 67     14
Family PIERIDAE (white butterflies) 8        
Species Anthocharis cardamines Linnaeus (Orange-tip)   17 25 1  
Genus Colias (clouded yellows) 1 3     1
Species Gonepteryx rhamni Linnaeus (Brimstone Butterfly)   35 2   1
Species Leptidea reali (Long-willied Wood White, RéAl's Wood White)         1
Species Leptidea sinapis L., 1758 (Wood White)         1
Genus Pieris (Zool.) (whites) 3 85 16 4 3
Family SATYRIDAE (brown butterflies) 10        
Species Aphantopus hyperantus Linnaeus (Ringlet)   14      
Species Coenonympha pamphilus L., 1758 (Small Heath)   8      
Genus Erebia (a genus of brown butterflies) 2 3     2
Species Hipparchia semele Linnaeus (Grayling)   9     1
Species Lasiommata megera Linnaeus (Wall, Wall Brown)   4     1
Species Maniola jurtina L. (Meadow Brown)   5   2 1
Species Melanargia galathea (Marbled White)   6      
Species Pararge aegeria L. (Speckled Wood)   5      
Species Pyronia tithonus (Gatekeeper, Hedge Brown)   15      

Suggested Literature

Identification Works

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