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Panorpa Linnaeus, 1758 (scorpion flies)

Subtaxa (ie subgroups of this Genus)

Suggested Literature

Panorpa may be covered by literature listed under:

(living things)
(insects and other 6-legged organisms)
(true insects)
(scorpion flies)

Further Information

Diagnostic features Wing pattern differences are unreliable so the members of the genus should be distinguished by genitalia.

The male genitalia should be examined from below, ie the top when the animal is holding its tail in "scorpion" fashion. The female genitalia are internal and need to be examined under the microscope after maceration in 10% KOH.

Beware that the male terminalia are only weakly chitinised and readily distorted by careless handling. The calipers are soft and easily moved eg so that communis resembles cognata.
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