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Monotropa hypopitys L. (Yellow Bird's-nest)

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Notes (MWS) An achlorophyllous plant which is parasitic on ectomycorrhiza of Tricholoma species, especially T. cingulatum with Salix and T. terreum with Pinus, although it is also found under Beech and other trees.

Sets of Photographs

These relate to individual finds ("biological records") of the organism.

Taxon Summary # images # photos Date Vice-county Country
Monotropa hypopitys In dappled sunlight, under Beech tree 6 6 17 Jun 2012 West Norfolk England
Monotropa hypopitys In flower 4 4 10 Jul 2005 Oxon England
Monotropa hypopitys Plant 2 2 6 Aug 1978 Surrey England
Monotropa hypopitys Plant 1 1 3 Aug 1970 Surrey England


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Identification Works

Davis, S., 2004, Yellow Bird's-nest, British Wildlife, Vol 15, No. 6: 386 (illustration) Yellow Bird's-nest
Henrici, A, 2008 (Colour photograph) Notes and Records (Oct 2008)

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