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Lycogala epidendrum (J.C. Buxb. ex L.) Fr. (a slime mould)

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Ing, B., 1987 (Colour photograph) First Steps - a Beginner's Guide: Why not look at Myxomycetes?

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(living things)
(protists, single-celled organisms)
(amoebae and slime moulds)
(slime moulds)
Fungi s.l. (via Myxogastrea)

BioInfo BioInfo ( has 4 feeding and other relationships of Lycogala epidendrum (a slime mould)

Further Information

Notes (MWS) The dark grey aethalia are found on damp rotting wood.

The more common L. terrestre as not distinguished until recently.
Field indications The red plasmodium, dark grey aethalia and grey spore mass separate it from L. terrestre.
Diagnostic features The fragile pseudocapillitial tubes are 8-12µm diam (12-25µm in L. terrestre).
Similar species L. terrestre.
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