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Elateriformia (click beetles and relatives)

Subtaxa (ie subgroups of this Series (Zoo.))

BUPRESTOIDEA Leach, 1815 (jewel beetles) Superfamily 2 subtaxa  
BUPRESTIDAE Leach, 1815 (jewel beetles)
Family 2 subtaxa 11 ident refs
BYRRHOIDEA Latreille, 1806 (a superfamily of beetles)
BYRRHIDAE (pill beetles), eg: Byrrhus pilula (Pill Beetle) - Dorsal view - opened-up DRYOPIDAE (long-toed water beetles), eg: Unidentified Dryops (Unidentified Dryops Long-toed Water Beetles) - Dorsal view HETEROCERIDAE (mud beetles), eg: (Heterocerus obsoletus-group) (a group of mud beetles) - Head and thorax - dorsal view
Superfamily 6 subtaxa 11 ident refs
DASCILLOIDEA Guérin-Méneville, 1843 (1834) (orchid beetles) Superfamily 1 subtaxon  
DASCILLIDAE Guérin-Méneville, 1843 (1834) (orchid beetles)
Dascillus cervinus (Orchid Beetle), eg: Dascillus cervinus (Orchid Beetle) - Dorsal view - close-up
Family 1 subtaxon 2 ident refs
ELATEROIDEA (a superfamily of beetles)
CANTHARIDAE (soldier beetles), eg: Unidentified Malthodes (Unidentified Malthodes Soldier Beetles) - Dorsal view ELATERIDAE (click beetles), eg: Dalopius marginatus (a click beetle) - Female - dorsal view EUCNEMIDAE (false click beetles), eg: Melasis buprestoides (a false click beetle) - Female - dorsal view LAMPYRIDAE (glowworms), eg: Lampyris noctiluca (Glowworm) - Female - glowing LYCIDAE (net-winged beetles), eg: Platycis minutus (a net-winged beetle) - Female - dorsal view THROSCIDAE (small false click beetles), eg: Trixagus dermestoides (a small false click beetle) - Dorsal view - antennae displayed
Superfamily 39 subtaxa 33 ident refs
SCIRTOIDEA Fleming, 1821 (a superfamily of beetles)
Superfamily 4 subtaxa 6 ident refs

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