Drapetisca socialis (Sundevall, 1833)
(a money spider)

Taxonomic hierarchy:
SpeciesDrapetisca socialis (a money spider)
FamilyLINYPHIIDAE (money spiders)
OrderARANEAE (spiders)
ClassARACHNIDA (mites, spiders, false scorpions, harvestmen etc.)
SubphylumCHELICERATA (a subphylum of arthropods)
PhylumARTHROPODA (arthropods)
SuperphylumECDYSOZOA (skin shedders)
CladeBilateria (bilaterally symmetrical animals)
SubkingdomEUMETAZOA (metazoans)
KingdomANIMALIA (animals)
DomainEukaryota (eukaryotes)
LifeBIOTA (living things)
Records of Drapetisca socialis (a money spider) :
1: Drapetisca socialis (a money spider)
22 Feb 2003 OSGR: SU56 51° 20' N, 1° 10' W Vice County: Berks (VC 22) England
Adult female on freshly cut Birch stump
Image 1: Female - cephalothorax - ventral view - magnifiedImage 2: Female - dorsal view - enlargedImage 3: Female - dorsal view - enlarged (2)Image 4: Female - eyes and metathorax - dorsal view - magnifiedImage 5: Female - opisthosoma - lateral view - magnifiedImage 6: Female - opisthosoma - ventral view with epigyne - magnifiedImage 7: Female - ventral view - enlargedImage 8: Pedipalp - lateral view - magnified

Drapetisca socialis (a money spider) may be covered by identification literature listed under the following higher taxa:

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