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CARYOPHYLLACEAE (chickweeds, stitchworts and campions, carnation)

Subtaxa (ie subgroups of this Family)

Agrostemma githago L. (Corncockle)
Seedlings - top view
Species   2 ident refs
Arenaria serpyllifolia L. (Thyme-leaved Sandwort)
Arenaria serpyllifolia subsp. leptoclados (Small Thyme-leaved Sandwort, Slender Sandwort), eg: Arenaria serpyllifolia subsp. leptoclados (Small Thyme-leaved Sandwort, Slender Sandwort) - Plant - in situ
Species 1 subtaxon 1 ident refs
Cerastium L. (mouse-ears)
Cerastium arvense (Field Mouse-ear), eg: Cerastium arvense (Field Mouse-ear) - Plant - with flowers Cerastium fontanum (Common Mouse-ear), eg: Cerastium fontanum (Common Mouse-ear) - Flower - face view Cerastium glomeratum (Sticky Mouse-ear), eg: Cerastium glomeratum (Sticky Mouse-ear) - Inflorescence - side view Cerastium semidecandrum (Little Mouse-ear), eg: Cerastium semidecandrum (Little Mouse-ear) - Capsule
Genus 4 subtaxa 1 ident refs
Dianthus gratianopolitanus Vill. (Cheddar Pink) Species    
Dianthus plumarius L. (Pink)
Plant - in situ
Herniaria ciliolata Melderis (Fringed Rupturewort) Species 1 subtaxon  
Herniaria ciliolata subsp. ciliolata Melderis (Fringed Rupturewort)
Plant - in situ
Herniaria glabra L. (Smooth Rupturewort)
Plant - in situ
Species   1 ident refs
Honckenya peploides (L.) Ehrh. (Sea Sandwort)
Illecebrum verticillatum L. (Coral Necklace, Coral-necklace) Species   1 ident refs
Minuartia stricta (Sw.) Hiern (Teesdale Sandwort)
Flower buds, shoots and leaves
Minuartia verna (L.) Hiern (Spring Sandwort, Leadwort)
Plant with flowers - side view - close-up
Species   1 ident refs
Moehringia trinervia (L.) Clairv. (Three-nerved Sandwort)
Plant - in situ
Moenchia erecta (L.) P. Gaertn., B. Mey. & Scherb. (Upright Chickweed)
Myosoton aquaticum (L.) Moench (Water Chickweed)
Flower and buds
Petrorhagia (Ser. ex DC.) Link (a genus of pinks)
Petrorhagia nanteuilii (Chidling Pink, Childing Pink), eg: Petrorhagia nanteuilii (Chidling Pink, Childing Pink) - Flower - oblique view Petrorhagia prolifera (proliferous pinks), eg: Petrorhagia prolifera (Proliferous Pink) - Plant - in situ
Genus 2 subtaxa 1 ident refs
Polycarpon tetraphyllum (L.) L. (Four-leaved All-seed)
Sagina L. (pearlworts)
Sagina apetala (Annual Pearlwort), eg: Sagina apetala subsp. erecta (Fringed Pearlwort) - Shoot Sagina maritima (Sea Pearlwort), eg: Sagina maritima (Sea Pearlwort) - Plants - on mud Sagina nodosa (Knotted Pearlwort), eg: Sagina nodosa (Knotted Pearlwort) - Plant Sagina procumbens (Procumbent Pearlwort), eg: Sagina procumbens (Procumbent Pearlwort) - Plant portion
Genus 4 subtaxa  
Saponaria officinalis L. (Soapwort)
Saponaria officinalis flore pleno form (Double-flowered Soapwort), eg: Saponaria officinalis flore pleno form (Double-flowered Soapwort) - Foliage - top view
Species 1 subtaxon  
Scleranthus annuus L. (Annual Knawel) Species 1 subtaxon  
Scleranthus annuus subsp. annuus L. (Annual Knawel)
Inflorescence - top view
Scleranthus perennis L. (Perennial Knawel) Species 1 subtaxon  
Scleranthus perennis subsp. prostratus P.D. Sell (Prostrate Perennial Knawel)
In situ
Silene L. (campions and catchflies)
Silene conica (Sand Catchfly), eg: Silene conica (Sand Catchfly) - Flower Silene dioica (Red Campion), eg: Silene dioica (Red Campion) - Flower Silene flos-cuculi (Ragged Robin, Ragged-robin), eg: Silene flos-cuculi (Ragged Robin, Ragged-robin) - Flower - side view Silene latifolia (White Campion), eg: Silene latifolia (White Campion) - Female flower - face view Silene latifolia x dioica = S. x hampeana (hybrid campion), eg: Silene latifolia x dioica = S. x hampeana (hybrid campion) - Flower Silene nutans (Nottingham Catchfly), eg: Silene nutans (Nottingham Catchfly) - Plant Silene otites (Spanish Catchfly), eg: Silene otites (Spanish Catchfly) - Plant - in situ Silene uniflora (Sea Campion), eg: Silene uniflora (Sea Campion) - Flowers Silene vulgaris (Bladder Campion), eg: Silene vulgaris (Bladder Campion) - Plants on disturbed chalk
Genus 10 subtaxa 1 ident refs
Spergula arvensis L. (Corn Spurrey)
Plant - in situ
Spergularia (Pers.) J. Presl & C. Presl (spurreys)
Spergularia marina (Lesser Sea-spurrey), eg: Spergularia marina (Lesser Sea-spurrey) - Plant Spergularia media (Greater Sea-spurrey), eg: Spergularia media (Greater Sea-spurrey) - Flowering shoots Spergularia rubra (Sand Spurrey), eg: Spergularia rubra (Sand Spurrey) - Plant - side view Spergularia rupicola (Rock Sea-spurrey), eg: Spergularia rupicola (Rock Sea-spurrey) - Flowering shoots
Genus 4 subtaxa  
Stellaria L. (chickweeds)
Stellaria alsine (Bog Stitchwort), eg: Stellaria alsine (Bog Stitchwort) - Plant - in situ Stellaria graminea (Lesser Stitchwort), eg: Stellaria graminea (Lesser Stitchwort) - Plant Stellaria holostea (Greater Stitchwort), eg: Stellaria holostea (Greater Stitchwort) - Plant (Stellaria media agg.) (chickweeds), eg: Stellaria media (Common Chickweed) - Flowers - top view Stellaria media (Common Chickweed), eg: Stellaria media (Common Chickweed) - Plant Stellaria palustris (Marsh Stitchwort), eg: Stellaria palustris (Marsh Stitchwort) - Plant - in situ
Genus 5 subtaxa 2 ident refs

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